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Golla offer us more than a gift. On the Road, Air and Original, three new collections which arrived in stores worldwide. Milja Johansson, Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator at Golla, introduce in this video three new collections, bags that are inspired by Nordic roots and life on the move. Watch next video and discover more than a gift.

Golla On The RoadDesigned for the modern traveler – those who know there’s no such thing as a second impression. 

See more about On The Road collection 

Golla AirMade with a vision of Scandinavian simplicity and timeless cityscapes, this collection captures the beautiful moments in everyday life. 

See more about Air collection  

Golla OriginalThis collection is for the dreamer in all of us, going back to the basics and showing that creativity lives in each of us. No matter what adventures the day brings, always look your best with something to fit every style.

See more about Original collection

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